This season, Tulsa Opera’s Opera on Tour! presents Green Eggs and Hammin’ It Up!, a 30-minute interactive opera for children in grades PK-3 based on the beloved Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.

School Children at the Opera

First, the weird and wacky Sam I Am will guide your students as they sing, laugh, and dance their way through crazy songs like “The Super-Supper March” and “My Uncle Terwilliger Waltzes with Bears.”

Then, Sam will do his best to persuade his school’s persnickety librarian that green eggs and ham aren’t all that bad, in a fully staged production of Green Eggs and Ham with sets, colorful costumes, and antics that will leave you and your students rolling in the aisles, and will show your students that opera is everywhere – not just on big stages, but in the classroom as well!

Bring the Opera to Your School

We can bring this experience to your Tulsa-area school between February 25 and April 19, 2019! No audience is too small or large, and we’ll perform wherever you have space – your gym, cafeteria, library, or theater.

All participating schools will receive one free copy of Green Eggs and Ham.