Opera on Tour!

Engaging Oklahoma’s kids is the focus of Tulsa Opera’s Opera on Tour! initiative. A thrilling journey through the world of opera allows thousands of students across Oklahoma, and more than 4,000 second graders in 51 Tulsa elementary schools, to experience music, drama, art, and dance in one onstage spectacle. Opera on Tour! brings opera up close and personal in an interactive performance.

Opera on Tour! schools receive lesson plans and teaching materials that educators can use in their classrooms. In addition to our visits to area schools, we are honored to bring this opera program to Tulsa’s second graders through the Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child initiative, sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa.

This Season: The Billy Goats Gruff

Dear Teachers,

This has been a year like no other! Tulsa Opera stands proudly behind Oklahoma teachers, and as a certified educator and proud member of NAFME and OkMEA, I am in awe of what you, my colleagues, have accomplished this year.

I am honored to be able to present this year’s virtual Opera on Tour! production of “The Billy Goats Gruff” to ALL Oklahoma students and teachers – free of charge! Please use this video and the classroom materials below as you see fit.

If your students enjoy the show, please have them send thank-you notes or a special video thank-you message to us. Our donors love this feedback from children, and it helps us to keep offering this program as we have for decades now.

The video production, made in Oklahoma, starring Oklahoma opera singers, and produced just for you, will be available on this webpage on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

In the meantime, please use the teacher materials below to prepare your students for their experience.

With gratitude and admiration,

Aaron Beck
Artistic Administrator & Director of Education
Tulsa Opera

Materials for Teachers

An after-school game of hide and seek is ruined for three billy goat friends when a big bully blocks a bridge, preventing them from being able to go home. Remembering what their moms, dads and teachers have told them about dealing with bullies, two boy billy goats resolve to go home a different, longer way and share their difficulties with grownups.

The littlest girl goat, however, not wanting to abandon the beloved doll that’s been snatched from her, tromps to the crest of the bridge and, confronting the bully, prevails by inadvertently pushing him into the creek below. Concerned for his well-being, she shows her would-be adversary kindness by asking if he’s OK. He responds by asking if she’s OK. By the time the two boys return with help, she’s able to introduce a soggy, forlorn ex-bully as their new friend.