Meet Our Opera Ball Debutantes and Squires

Tulsa Opera annually introduces a special group of Tulsa high school seniors as Opera Ball Debutantes and Squires preparing for their journey into adulthood.

As part of this city’s vibrant social calendar for the past 60 years, the Tulsa Opera Ball creates lasting memories for local students and their families throughout the year.

Registration for the 2019-20 Opera Ball has started. For more information, please contact Richard Koenig by email at or by phone at (918) 582-4035, extension 111.

About the Opera Ball

Starting with an Opera Ball Kickoff Party in September, the Debutantes and Squires enjoy a sit-down dinner with their families. The party will feature intimate performances by Tulsa Opera’s Resident Artists.

Each Debutante and Squire receives 4 free tickets to any Tulsa Opera performance, including Carmen, Madama Butterfly, and Emmeline. In October, the students gather for a Skeet Shooting event at the Tulsa Gun Club, a nonprofit shooting range that teaches shotgun safety and training. The Debutantes and Squires return in February for Casino Night at 624 Kitchen & Catering.

Wearing spectacular, custom-designed gowns created by international designer Carmen Marc Valvo, and handsomely designed white tie and tails from Beshara’s Formal Wear, the Debutantes and Squires make their debut at the Opera Ball in March at the Mayo Hotel.

Opera Ball Calendar 2019-20

Kickoff Party
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires

Dress Fittings
Debutantes & Parents

Four Tickets Available for Carmen
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires
October 25 or 27
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Skeet Shoot
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires
Tulsa Gun Club

Portraits by Amy Herndon
Debutantes & Squires

Casino Night
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires

Four Tickets Available for Madama Butterfly
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires
February 28 or March 1
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Opera Ball Rehearsal
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires
Wednesday, March 4
The Mayo Hotel

Opera Ball
Parents, Friends, Families, Debutantes, & Squires
Saturday, March 7
The Mayo Hotel

Four Tickets Available for Emmeline
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires
May 1 or 3
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

2019 Debutantes, Squires, and Parents

Miss Katherine Genelle Barlow
   Ms. Leanne G. Hudson
   Mr. Buck Barlow

Miss Elizabeth Belle Bennett
   Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Bennett

Miss Lillie Claire Bracken
   Ms. Ashley Griffin
   Mr. Douglas Bracken

Miss Anna Isabelle Byrd
   Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Byrd

Miss Lindsay Grace Colgan
   Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Colgan

Mr. Benjamin Vaughn Coonce
   Mr. and Mrs. John Coonce

Mr. Blake Buchanan Dieterlen
   Dr. and Mrs. Brett Dieterlen

Miss Alexandra Clair Farmer
   Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair Farmer

Mr. George Perry Farmer III
   Mr. and Mrs. Perry Farmer

Miss Kathryn Christopher Ferguson
   Mr. and Mrs. Rick Ferguson

Miss Sarah Elizabeth Gudgel
   Mr. and Mrs. Troy Gudgel

Mr. Connor Blaine Haag
   Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Haag

Miss Abbie Anne Haws
   Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Haws

Miss Audrey Grace Henderson
   Mr. and Mrs. J. Brian Henderson

Mr. Walker James Herndon
   Mr. and Mrs. Blake Herndon

Miss Alexandra Elizabeth Howard
   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howard

Miss Caroline Marie Kane
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kane

Mr. William Chilton Kobos
   Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kobos

Miss Alexis Elizabeth Lake
   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lake

Mr. Pierce Jacob Lambert
   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lambert

Mr. Blair Sebastian Luessenhop
   Mr. Brice Swimmer Luessenhop
   Dr. and Mrs. Christian Luessenhop

Miss Ashley Lurline Mabrey
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mabrey

Mr. Grant Harrison Marshall
    Mr. and Mrs. Cary Marshall

Miss Bella Grace Meshri
    Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay Meshri

Miss Emily Ann Milton
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Carver
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark Milton

Miss Maci Maree Montgomery
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Montgomery

Miss Kate Elaine O’Brian
    Ms. Brandy Laird
    Mr. Kevin O’Brian

Miss Caroline Grace Raschen
    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Raschen

Mr. Logan Thomas Roach
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Roach, Jr.

Miss Briana Seal Rizley
    Ms. Toni V. Rizley
    Mr. Robert K. Rizley

Miss Corbyn Chaise Secrest
    Ms. Jamie Secrest
    Mr. James Secrest, II

Mr. Garric Zachary Shust
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Shust

Miss Audrey Elizabeth Trussell
    Mr. and Mrs. Dee Trussell

Mr. Brett Andrew Van Hooser
Miss Josie Alene Van Hooser
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gavlik
    Mr. and Mrs. Marc Van Hooser

Miss Olivia Lynn Van Pelt
    Mr. and Mrs. Bo Van Pelt

Miss Addilan Grace Wagner
    Dr. and Mrs. Scott Wagner

Miss Mia Belle Walker
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Walker

Miss Megan Rene Westbrock
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Westbrock

Miss Ella Harper Wood
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wood

Opera Ball Gallery