Welcome to our 2021 Opera Ball Debutantes and Squires

Tulsa Opera annually sponsors a ball celebrating achievement and transition for a special group of Tulsa high school seniors who come together for a historic event in support of the organization as Opera Ball Debutantes and Squires.

As part of this city’s vibrant social calendar for the past 60 years, the Tulsa Opera Ball is an iconic happening each year. It offers lasting recognition and memories to participating students and their families and a delightful opportunity for others to gather and contribute to further the unique cultural mission of Tulsa Opera.

Registration for the 2021 Opera Ball has begun. For more information, please contact Meredith Miers by email at mmiers@tulsaopera.com or by phone at (918) 582-4035, ext 105.

About the Opera Ball

Starting with an Opera Ball Kickoff Party, the Debutantes and Squires enjoy a sit-down dinner with their families. The party will feature intimate performances by Tulsa Opera’s Filstrup Resident Artists.

Each Debutante and Squire receives 4 complimentary tickets to any Tulsa Opera 2020-2021 season mainstage production, including Rigoletto, Orfeo Ed Euridice, and Awakenings. In the fall, the students gather for Opera Ball Games! Followed by post-games lunch at the Polo Grill.

The Debutantes and Squires will return in March for the Opera Ball Rehearsal and the Opera Ball where they will be wearing spectacular, custom-designed couture gowns created by international designer Cyril Verdavainne, and handsomely designed white tie and tails from Beshara’s Formal Wear.

Opera Ball Debutantes and Squires will make their much anticipated, elegant debut at the 2021 Opera Ball, the evening of March 6, 2021 at Southern Hills Country Club.

Opera Ball Calendar 2020-21

Kickoff Party
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires
Summit Club
Date: To be determined

Dress & Tuxedo Fittings
Debutantes & Parents
Date: To be determined

Opera Ball Games and Lunch
Debutantes & Squires
Lunch: Polo Grill, Utica Square
Date: To be determined

Portraits by Amy Herndon
Debutantes & Squires
Date: To be determined

Opera Ball Rehearsal
Parents, Debutantes, & Squires
Southern Hills Country Club
Date: To be determined

2021 Opera Ball
Debutantes, Squires, Parents, Families and Friends
Southern Hills Country Club
Date: Saturday, March 6, 2021

2020 Debutantes, Squires, and Parents

Miss Elizabeth Faith Bockmeulen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bockmeulen

Miss Madeline Elizabeth Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmi Cameron

Miss Elise Catherine Darby
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darby

Mr. Michael Baker DeSelms
Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeSelms

Miss Elizabeth Quincy Elmburg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elmburg

Miss Madeline Louise Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hayes

Miss Annabel Read Hubner
Mr. and Mrs. John Hubner

Miss Margaret Anne Hughes
Mr. Robert Hughes
Ms. Carolyn Hughes

Miss Brooke Hailea Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones

Miss Abie Jo Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Koch

Miss Adrianna Astrid Le
Mr. and Mrs. Loc Le

Miss Elaine Ansley Lehman
Holly Hughes Lehman and Scott Fowler Lehman

Miss Breanna Michelle Lewis
Mr. Brian Lewis
Ms. Shelley Lewis

Miss Sophia Marguerite McPeek
Mrs. Mary McPeek

Miss Gabriella Triese Mullendore
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nunnelee

Miss Hailey Katherine Radford
Ms. Melissa Jennings Radford

Miss Reilly Elizabeth Roggendorff
Mr. and Mrs. Shae Roggendorff

Miss Lily Claire Siemens
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Siemens

Miss Callie Alyse Tate
Lisa and Wayne Tate

Miss Erika Grace Van Doren
Mr. Blake Loveless and Ms. Nancy Van Doren

Mr. Trenton Michael Westbrock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Westbrock

Opera Ball Gallery