We hope you’re ready for Menotti’s chilling opera, The Medium at Studio 308 this weekend! We’ve got all the important details for you right here.

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  • The Medium was composed and written by Gian Carlo Menotti in 1945.
  • The text is sung in English with piano accompaniment and music direction by Lyndon Meyer; stage direction by Jen Alden.
  • The show will last 1 hour with pre-show experiences available 1 hour before curtain.
  • “Downbeat” or the start of the opera will be promptly at 7:30 pm for evening performances and 2:30 pm the matinee performance.


  • An hour before the performance (6:30 pm or 1:30 pm), the doors to Studio 308 will creak open, unveiling pre-show mysteries such as – tarot readings, fortune tellers, and eerie photo opportunities. Come enjoy the pre-show experience with your friends and socialize with the other opera-goers.
  • The money raised from our pre-show activities goes a long way in supporting the Tulsa Opera and is greatly appreciated!
  • Spooky outfits are encouraged!!
  • Cash bar will be open one hour before the performance.


This show is recommended for audience members older than 13, due to intense scenes that may contain elements of violence.
Water-based haze will be used in the show.


Many opera-goers wear comfortable, business-appropriate clothing, and many dress casually as well. In Tulsa, you’ll see guests wearing everything from ball gowns to cowboy boots.
For this specific show, spooky outfits are encouraged!

Enthusiastic displays of appreciation are always welcome after a well-executed aria! It is customary to shout “Bravo!” (for a male singer), “Brava!” (for a female singer), or “Bravi” (for the whole cast). All three expressions mean “terrific.”

Out of consideration for the performers and other members of the audience, we observe a “no late seating” policy. Those arriving after the performance has begun will be seated at an appropriate pause or at intermission.

Starting one hour before the performance, we will have a table set up in the lobby at Studio 308 where our team will handle ticketing and any questions you may have. Otherwise, please call our box office at (918) 582-3133.

If this is your first time joining us, click here for more helpful information.


This performance will be located at Studio 308 in Tulsa on Lansing Ave between 3rd and 4th Street. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the downbeat to allow for parking and finding your seats.

308 S Lansing Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120


Valet is available for this performance, which is recommended as there is not a parking lot in the area. Street parking is available and free.
Click below to reserve your valet ticket or purchase tickets upon arrival. Valet tickets are $10.

Valet for Friday, October 20 at 7:30 pm

Valet for Saturday, October 21 at 2:30 pm

Valet for Saturday, October 21 at 7:30 pm


Setting – The 1930s. Madame Flora’s parlor.

Act I – Monica, the daughter of Madame Flora (“Baba”), and Toby, a mute boy living with them, are amusing themselves while Madame Flora is away. When Madame Flora drunkenly returns home, she is furious that they are not ready for the seance she has planned that evening; she becomes violent, but Monica prevents her from striking Toby. They hurriedly prepare for the seance. Soon three guests arrive: Mr. and Mrs. Gobineau, regular attendees, and Mrs. Nolan, a first-time visitor. With everyone in place, Madame Flora enters into a trance, and the seance begins. Monica pretends to be the departed daughter of Mrs. Nolan, conversing with her. Mrs. Nolan, overcome, rushes to her “daughter” but is quickly restrained by the Gobineaus. Subsequently, Monica begins to laugh like the Gobineaus’ deceased two-year old son. They call out to him, and “his” laughter fades. Suddenly, Madame Flora stops the seance and demands the guests leave. She explains she felt a hand clutch her throat during the seance, and after the guests leave, she tells Monica she suspects Toby. As Monica tries to comfort her mother with a lullaby, a mysterious voice terrifies Madame Flora and flings her into another rage against Toby. Monica tried to soothe her mother, but her attempts are foiled, and Madame Flora begins reciting Hail Marys.

Act II – A few days later, Monica is cheered up watching Toby perform a puppet show for her. Monica, pretending to be Toby’s voice, professes their mutual love. When Flora returns, she tries to cajole Toby into confessing that he was the one who touched her during the seance or that he knows something about it. When he does not answer, she begins to whip him but is interrupted by a knock at the door. The three clients from the previous seance enter. Flora gives them their money back and tries to convince them they have been cheated, even revealing to them her tricks, but they refuse to believe her. She throws them out, and despite Monica’s protests, throws Toby out as well. Upset by Toby’s exit, Monica goes to her room, and Flora, frightened by what she has experienced, drinks herself to sleep. Toby returns, hoping to sneak into Monica’s room. He accidentally awakens Flora, who, terrified, begins to shout out. Toby hides from her, but Flora, screaming, attacks the “ghost.” Monica returns to find her mother in a state of insanity and Toby in a bloody heap.