Celebrate Mother’s Day & Father’s Day by donating a Songs by Heart session!

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom or dad this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Consider giving the gift of music and memories with a donation to Tulsa Opera’s Songs by Heart program.

Songs by Heart is an engagement-centered program performed by a professional singer and pianist and designed for memory care communities. The songs take residents on a trip down memory lane, with musical selections from their younger days like “Home on the Range,” “Oklahoma!” and “God Bless America.” Using therapeutic techniques such as mirroring, direct eye contact, verbal and gestural promptings, and handholding, the artists encourage residents to join clapping, dancing, and singing as much as they are able.

For a donation of $125, you can bring the Songs by Heart experience to the community of your choice. The power of song and community will improve residents’ cognitive function, reduce stress and anxiety, and lift everyone’s mood and overall well-being. And as a bonus, you can join your loved one for the session and witness all the smiles for yourself!

So why not make this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day special with a unique gift? A donation to Songs by Heart will provide an extraordinary musical experience for your loved one and their entire community. Plus, you’ll be supporting the important work of Tulsa Opera bringing the joy of music to people of all ages! It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving.

To learn more about Songs by Heart and to make your donation, visit our website today. Let’s make this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day unforgettable!