Tulsa Opera invites you to the Lorton Performance Center on the University of Tulsa campus on Monday, May 20 for the year-end Raise Your Voice! concert. Please join us in celebrating our students and the fantastic progress they’ve made in vocal education this year.

Raise Your Voice
Lorton Performance Center, University of Tulsa
Monday, May 20, 6pm
Free admission
Reception to follow

Raise Your Voice! is a partnership between Tulsa Opera and Tulsa Public Schools aimed at keeping creativity in schools at a time when education funding—particularly arts education funding—has been demolished in Oklahoma. It has three main objectives:

  1. To reinstate vocal music programs in Tulsa Public Schools’ elementary and junior high schools where budget cuts have led to their elimination,
  2. To support TPS and the community at a time of dire need, and
  3. To provide creative outlets for our community’s children and families.

Our other goals include increasing student learning and interest in the performing arts, increasing student academic vocabulary, increasing students’ knowledge of opera, and using music to learn STEM skills. And with a second year now under its belt, the Raise Your Voice! program has been a huge success.

This year-end performance is a great opportunity not just to hear these students sing, but to meet them at the reception and hear firsthand about this program from both the kids and their parents.

Raise Your Voice! and Tulsa Opera’s other education programs wouldn’t be possible without supporters like you. Your generous donations are what allow us to bring vocal music and arts education to students who might not otherwise have it. We can’t thank you enough for this gift.

Donate today to make sure Oklahoma students continue to get the arts education they so desperately need.