Opera Within Reach

Help build a new home for Tulsa Opera.

Join us today and bring the Laven Sowell Theater to life.

For info about sponsorship opportunities, call (918) 587-4811, extension 111.

Your donations contribute to:

Educating Students

Reaching Community

Building Our Opera

The Laven Sowell Theater

This brand-new, 240-seat intimate performance venue provides a forum for exciting new repertoire and offers flexibility and financial opportunities that will help sustain Tulsa Opera and support the community for decades to come.

This theater will be phase two of Tulsa Opera’s current construction project. We have 100% board participation on this project.

A home for arts education.
A home for community & culture.
A home for Tulsa Opera.

Help us bring Opera Within Reach for all of Tulsa.

Educating Students

Tulsa Opera’s arts education initiatives serve thousands of children throughout Tulsa, many of whom no longer have access to music education.

This new theater will help us nurture the audiences, artists, and community leaders of the future.

Reaching Community

Tulsa Opera improves Tulsa’s cultural reputation, increases tourist traffic downtown, and improves the economy, pumping revenue into local restaurants, hotels, parking, and other businesses.

Building Our Opera

The Laven Sowell Theater provides a forum for exciting new repertoire, and offers flexibility, practical advantages, and financial opportunities not available at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

Carrying On Laven Sowell’s Legacy of Arts Education

Laven Sowell was the Tulsa Opera chorus master for more than thirty seasons and eighty opera productions. He also directed choral programs at the University of Tulsa, Edison High School, and First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa.

The Laven Sowell Foundation provided $350,000 in funding toward this theater, a wonderful and fitting recognition of his contribution to the success of Tulsa Opera and its cultural role in the community.

We can think of no better way to honor Laven Sowell’s memory and legacy than a theater that will provide a fantastic venue for all our youth and arts education programs. Join us today and bring the Laven Sowell Theater to life.