Community Guidelines

The Tulsa Opera Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube accounts were created to provide a venue to engage with Opera fans about performances, artists and industry news. Comments, photos, and videos posted to the Tulsa Opera Facebook page are subject to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and related Facebook policies regarding usage, abuse, and comments. Furthermore, in order to facilitate civil discussions, Tulsa Opera encourages all users to follow these guidelines:

  • Please respect the privacy of others and do not create posts that contain phone numbers, email addresses, or other personal information.
  • Do not create posts that contain discriminatory, racist, offensive, obscene, abusive, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate content.
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  • Please remember that specific formal or informal complaints must be reported via email
  • Content on this page may be moderated, which means comments will not be posted until reviewed. We reserve the right to moderate and/or delete posts, or to revoke a user’s privilege to post to this page.

Disclaimer: Tulsa Opera does not guarantee or warrant that the information posted by individuals on this Facebook page or Instagram account is accurate, and disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on any such information. The views expressed within posted comments do not necessarily reflect those of Tulsa Opera. We reserve the right to modify or change these guidelines without notice.