Get an exclusive sneak peek of Tulsa Opera’s upcoming production from its director, scenic designer, and costume designer: Tulsa native Thaddeus Strassberger.

“I really wanted to celebrate [being together again] in the most intense way possible,” Strassberger says.

“By making this immersive production, where there’s no lines between what’s happening on stage and what’s happening in the audience…seemed like a perfect metaphor for what it means to make art together again.”

Strassberger, a Booker T. Washington alum, is also excited to include not only internationally renowned opera stars in the production, but rising talents within the Tulsa community.

“I’ve developed, together with the whole team at Tulsa Opera, these really exciting elements that are involving lots of people from Tulsa’s community,” Strassberger says. “A whole number of local musicians, from singers and dancers and band members and orchestra players that are all going to be working together to come up with some real surprises.”

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