For 70 years, Tulsa – known for its windswept parries and gushing oil wells, has had another precious resource.

Despite its size and location, Tulsa would become the home to a premier opera company. Through its 70 years, Tulsa Opera has consistently been at the forefront of the artistic community in Tulsa, and beyond.

“The arts are really in Tulsa’s DNA. It is what differentiates us from other cities in the region. We’re very lucky in the people who came here a century ago, who really brought a commitment to the arts in this community.”

“When you want to have a city that has fully matured, that is world class, it’s a city that stands out for the arts. That’s what led the founders of Tulsa Opera…who felt that Tulsa was a town that needed that to have that kind of access to culture, and opera in particular.”

– G.T. Bynum, Mayor of Tulsa

“Opera hits all senses. You’ve got the dancing, the vocal, the staging and the sets…as they described in the New York Met: ‘It’s live multi-media as it’s best.”

– Scott Filmstrip, Tulsa Opera Legacy Supporter

“I was at one of the high note club events, and I was able to hear one of the opera signers sing, and I was just enamored by the talent that they had. I just fell in love with going to the shows after that.

“I think it’s important for the next generation to have an appreciation for art, and the Tulsa Opera being an embodiment of multiple styles, I feel like it should be at the forefront.”

– Demario Lewis, Tulsa Opera High Note Club

“I think that there’s definitely a raw emotion that comes with watching someone hit those high notes….but it’s also the orchestra. There’s just an ambiance that’s crazy hard to match.”

– Mallory Smith, Tulsa Opera High Note Club

Narrator – Peggy Helmerich, Tulsa Opera Legacy Supporter