President’s Council Members

Founded by R. Thomas Seymour, President’s Council provides Tulsa Opera financial strength to promote artistic excellence. It convenes three times annually for elegant evenings featuring intimate performances of opera stars.

*indicates lifetime membership

The Mayo Hotel, Macy and John Amatucci
Ms. Jeanette Kaled and Mr. Norm Asbjornson
Mrs. Thomas L. Ashcraft*
Mrs. Virginia Atwood*
Bank of Oklahoma
Jeffery Barentine
Mr. Austin Birnie and Mrs. Alison Lamb Birnie
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Blom
Mrs. Theodore Brickner, Jr.*
Mr. John Brock*
Mr. Mark and Mr. Phillip Brooks-Weathers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cox*
Ms. Kate Davis and Mr. Mike McCue
Dr. Philip D. Diggdon and Mrs. Donna Diggdon
Mr. Frederic Dorwart
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Duenner*
Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Dunitz*
Mrs. Murray Etherton*
Ms. Linda S. Feagin
Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Filstrup
Mrs. John C. Fischer*
Dr. John and Mrs. Kitty Frame
Mrs. Vaughndean Fuller
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Ron Glass
Dr. William C. Goad and Mr. Mark Goldman
Mrs. Scott L. Graham*
Mrs. Jane Grimshaw
Mrs. Jane Helander*
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Helmerich*
Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan D. Helmerich*
Mrs. Peggy Helmerich*

Reverend Michael Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kane
Dr. Grace Kennedy
Mr. Kelly Kirby
Ms. Hilary Kitz and Mr. Steven Janus*
Mrs. Bonnie Klein
George and Aldean Newcomb Krumme*
Mr. Robert W. Langholz
Mrs. Frank Letcher*
Mrs. Rita Levit*
Mike and Gina Lodes
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Long
Dr. Bill Loughridge*
Mr. Clint and Mrs. Christine McQueen
MidFirst Bank, Paula Etter and Bruce Currie
The Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Kay Miller
Mrs. Herbert J. Miller*
Mrs. Robert (Millie) Millspaugh
Mrs. Anna Norberg Kestner
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmieri
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Kathleen Pataki
Mr. Mike Pate and Mrs. Marcia Heronemus-Pate
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Petrikin
Phillips 66, Mr. Calvin Moniz
Dr. Thomas B. Pinson
Dr. David W. Potts and Dr. Megan Bialas-Potts
Mrs. James E. Rainey
Dr. Rollie Rhodes
Mrs. Joyce Roodman
Ms. Leila Safavi
Mrs. Charlotte Schuman*

Gloria Schusterman C/O Hesed Fnd*
Mr. Charles F. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seay, III
Mr. R. Thomas Seymour and Judge Stephanie Seymour*
Mr. and Mrs. John Shivel
Mrs. Jane Sneed
Mr. Dave Sopark and Ms. Eileen Schaumleffle
Mrs. Yolanda Staiger
Mr. and Mrs. John Stava
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Stearns
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Stoesser*
Don and Janet Stucky
Mrs. David Sylvan
Mr. Roy M. “Skip” Teel
Ms. Becky E. Terhune and Ms. Lisa Mansfield
Dr. Robert C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Turner
Honorable Georgenia Van Tuyl
Mr. Peter Walter*
Mr. and Mrs. H. Steve Walton
Mrs. Cayce Wendeborn
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wightman
William Companies, Mrs. Ceretha Terrell-Causey and Mr. Isaac Causey
Mrs. Kathleen Williams*
Mrs. John (Joanne) H. Williams *
Mrs. Mollie Williford*
Mr. Martin Wing
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Woodard III
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Young

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