Salome VIP Experience

Herod’s Entourage – $650

  • Dinner at Summit Club (Fri.) SOLD OUT!
  • Brunch at Chalkboard (Sun.)
  • Limo ride & red carpet walk
  • Special gala seating with the Royal Family, & more!

Royal Court – $500

  • Special gala seating
  • Dessert, champagne & coffee served during the show
Upgrade Your Ticket
Entourage and Royal Court sales are currently closed

VIP Experience Details

  • If you’ve already purchased your seats for the production, but would like to upgrade your experience, the cost of your original ticket(s) will be credited to your VIP experience.
  • Have you ever attended our President’s Council dinners, or a Tulsa Opera rehearsal? This experience will be much the same, but even better, as the artists will be in full costume, and the Tulsa Opera Orchestra will be making beautiful music from the orchestra pit below you.
  • You won’t be expected to participate in the production! None of our VIPs will be asked to perform, but rather just sit back and enjoy the show. There will be so much happening onstage that no one will have time to look at anything other than the magnificent artists performing Richard Strauss’s masterpiece.
  • The friendly Tulsa Opera staff will be on-hand to guide you to your special gala seating, ensure your comfort, and to assist throughout the evening. All champagne, coffee, and dessert is served tableside, so once you’re in your comfortable chair, there’s no need to do anything but enjoy yourself!
  • Dress in your finest party attire for Herod’s birthday party!

To purchase your VIP experience, please fill out the form below or call Angela Tackett at 918-582-3824.

We’re sorry, but this event has ended.