President’s Council

Mrs. Carole L. Ashcraft*
Mrs. Virginia Atwood*
Mr. Jeffery Barentine and Mr. Youssef Mhemedi
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Blom
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brennan
Mr. John Brock*
Mr. Isaac Causey and Mrs. Ceretha Terrell-Causey
Mr. Robert Cox and Ms. Jerri Grimes*
Ms. Kate Davis and Mr. Mike McCue
Mr. Frederic Dorwart
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Duenner*
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dunitz*
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Dunitz
Mrs. Linda Feagin
Mrs. and Mrs. Scott Filstrup
Mrs. Natalie Fischer*
Mr. Kevin Fowler, Stange Law Firm, PC
Mr. and Mrs. John Frame
Mrs. Vaughndean Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Glass
Dr. W.C. Goad and Mr. Mark Goldman
Mrs. Anne L. Graham*
Mrs. Jane Grimshaw
Mrs. Jane Helander*
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Helmerich*
Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan D. Helmerich*
Mrs. Peggy Helmerich*
Mr. Ronnie Jobe and Dr. Deb Gist
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kane
Dr. Grace Kennedy
Mr. Kelly Kirby
Ms. Hilary Kitz and Mr. Steven Janus*
Mr. George Krumme and Mrs. Aldean Newcomb Krumme*
Mrs. Irene Letcher*
Mrs. Rita Levit*
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lodes
Dr. Bill Loughridge*

Mr. and Mrs. Clint McQueen
Mrs. Carol J. Miller*
Mrs. Kay Miller
Mrs. Mildred Millspaugh
Mr. Tod Neumann
Mrs. Anna Norberg
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmieri
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pataki
Mr. Mike Pate and Mrs. Marcia Heronemus-Pate
Mr. and Mrs. Petriken
Dr. Thomas Pinson
Poe Family Foundation
Dr. David Potts and Dr. Megan Bialas-Potts
Mrs. Elizabeth Rainey
Ms. Leila Safavi
Mrs. Charlotte M. Schuman*
Ms. Gloria Schusterman C/O Hesed Fnd*
Mr. R. Thomas Seymour and Judge Stephanie Seymour*
Mr. and Mrs. John Shivel
Mrs. Jane Sneed
Mr. David Sopark and Ms. Eileen Schaumleffle
Dr. Bruce and Linda Stoesser*
Mrs. Barbara Sylvan
Dr. Robert C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Turner
Honorable Georgenia Van Tuyl
Mr. Peter Walter*
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Walton
Mrs. Cayce Wendeborn
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wightman
Mrs. Joanne H. Williams*
Mrs. Kathleen Williams*
Mrs. Mollie Williford*
Mr. Martin Wing
Mr. and Mrs. John Woodard III
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Young

Donor Recognition

Arts Alliance Tulsa
The Avery Family Trust
Bank of Oklahoma
The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation, Inc.
Brad and Betty Bradstreet Fund
John and Ava Butts Trust
H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
Mr. Frederic Dorwart
Filstrup Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Filstrup
Flint Family Foundation
The Helmerich Trust
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Oklahoma Arts Council
Robert S. Rizley Opera Education Endowment Fund
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Laven Sowell Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Walton
Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation
Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Young
John Steele Zink Foundation

$15,000 – $24,999
The Mervin Bovaird Foundation
Commonwealth Foundation
The Guild of Tulsa Opera
James D. and Cathryn M. Moore Foundation
Mrs. Susan Rorschach
Mrs. Charlotte Schuman
Mrs. Barbara Sylvan
The City of Tulsa
Gerald H. Westby, Jr. Foundation
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

$10,000 – $14,999
Aqua Vita Creative
John A. and Donnie V Brock Foundation
Mr. Charles W. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dunitz
Mrs. Linda S Feagin
Dr. and Mrs. John Frame
The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation
Gelvin Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hayes, Jr.
McAlester Regional Dialysis Center
Mrs. Kay Miller
National Endowment for the Arts
Mrs. Anna Norberg
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nunnelee
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Kathleen Pataki
Dr. Thomas Pinson

$5,500 – $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Barefoot
Mr. Steve Bayles and Ms. Monica Williford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bockmeulen
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Cameron
Ms. Kate Davis and Mr. Mike McCue
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eby
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Farrow
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Glass
Dr. W.C. Goad and Mr. Mark Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Herndon
Drs. John and Michelle Hubner
Mr. Kelly Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. John M. LaFortune
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Randy McCormick
Vincent and Rosamond “Posy” Mulford Fund
Ms. Melissa Radford
Mr. and Mrs. David Ragland
Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seay
Ms. Dede Siegfried
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Siemens
Mrs. Yolanda Staiger
Mr. and Mrs. John Stava
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wightman
Mr. Martin R. Wing

$3,500 – $5,499
Amy Herndon Photography
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Anagnost
Mr. Jeffery Barentine and Mr. Youssef Mhemedi
Barnett Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Blom
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boedeker
Mr. Mark and Mr. Phillip Brooks-Weathers
The Consultants, Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Doudican
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elmburg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hall
Mrs. Peggy Helmerich
Mr. Robert L. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes
Mr. Ronnie Jobe
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kane
Ms. Hilary Kitz
Mrs. Boncilla Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Loc Le
Mr. Brian Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lodes
Mr. Blake Loveless and Ms. Nancy Van Doren
Dr. and Mrs. Christian Luessenhop
Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Clint McQueen
Merkel Family Foundation
Midfirst Bank
Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation
Muskogee Area Arts Council
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmieri
Mr. Michael Pate and Mrs. Marcia Heronemus-Pate
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Petrikin
Poe Family Foundation
Mrs. Jacqueline K. Poe
Dr. David Potts and Dr. Megan Bialas-Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ritchie
Mr. and Mrs. Shae Roggendorff
Mr. and Mrs. Ortwin Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. John Shivel
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Stearns
Stem Cell Therapies of Oklahoma
Ms. Becky Terhune and Ms. Lisa Mansfield
William F. and Susan W. Thomas Charitable Fund
Ms. Jennifer M. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Turner
Mrs. Cayce Wendeborn
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Will
Williams Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Woodard III

$1,000 – $3,499
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Amstutz
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Antry
Mr. Norman Asbjornson and Ms. Jeannie Kaled
Ms. Stefanie Atherton
Mr. Carlton Bass
Ms. Linda Berger
Mr. Austin Birnie and Mrs. Alison Lamb Birnie
Mr. Harold Bockelken
Ms. Linda Booker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Caldwell
Ms. Barbara Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. James Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Don DeSelms
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Dukes
Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Frame
Ms. Julie Frank
Mr. Dale Toetz and Mrs. Charlotte Gibbens
Pearl and Milton Gordon Trust
Mrs. Anne Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Graves
Mr. Michael R. Green
Mrs. Jane Grimshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Ramez Hakim
Mr. and Mrs. J. Phil Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Hawley
Mrs. Marjory Hooker
Mrs. Carolyn Hughes
The Joseph L. Hull, Jr. Family Foundation
Herman G. Kaiser Foundation
Mr. Alfred Kelley
Dr. Grace R. Kennedy
Col. William and Hon. Barbara Kogerman
Mr. Jay Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. David Kroll
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kruger
Ms. Karen Leatherwood
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lehman
Lewis Foundation
Ms. Susan F. Loomis
Ms. Tiffany Martin
Virginia Mayo Ownby Charitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. McDonald
Mrs. Millie Millspaugh
Mr. James Monroe and Ms. Linda Qualls
Dr. A. Munson and Mrs. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Neal
Network for Good
Mr. Tod Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. John Power
Mrs. Elizabeth Rainey
Mrs. Joyce Roodman
Mr. Mark Sanders and Ms. Sarah Poston
Mr. R. Thomas Seymour and Judge Stephanie Seymour
Mrs. Jane Sneed
Mr. Dawit Soparkdithapong and Eileen Schaumleffle
Stange Law Firm, PC
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Stoesser
Jill and Robert Thomas Charitable Fund
Dr. Robert C. Thompson
Tulsa Performing Arts Center
Mr. Ronald and Honorable Georgenia Van Tuyl
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Wagner
Warburton Family Foundation Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Don Wellendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Whaling
Ms. Patricia W. Wheeler
Mrs. Daphne Wise
Mr. David Yurman

$500 – $999
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson
Mr. Herb Beattie and Ms. Mary Sommer
Mr. Michael Broyles
Mr. John Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cooper
Mrs. Patricia Eaton
Ms. Anne S Erker
Mr. and Mrs. David Fell
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fore
Ms. Hughla Foreman
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Frazier
Mr. Eric Grimshaw
Revocable Trust of Orpha J. Harnish
The Honorable Jerome A. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kenneally
Mr. David Kucinskas and Ms. Paula Cadogan
Mr. Rodney Kutz
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dobie Langenkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Long
Mrs. Laura Medina
Dr. and Mrs. David O. Merifield
Dr. Arthur J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Norman II
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Overland
Mr. and Mrs. D. Lindsay Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. David Pounds
Mrs. Annette Pringle
Mr. Gary Quiggle
Dr. Rollie Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rule
Mr. Richard S. Ruprecht
Ms. Leila Safavi
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Seiders
Mr. and Mrs. David Siegler
Tracy Spears and Mrs. Rosemary Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tate
Sudip Tripathy
Mr. Ralph Tucker and Mrs. Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Van Hooser
Mrs. Mollie B. Williford
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Young

$250 – $499
Mrs. Carole A. Ashcraft
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bires
Mr. Richard Blevins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Campbell
Mr. R. Jay Chandler
Chelsea Gallery
Mr. Brian Cho
Mr. Bryan B. Close
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conrad
Mr. Joel Cousins and Mr. Alex Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dickey
Mrs. Wauhilla Diggs
Fabricut, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fuller
Mr. J. Harkreader and Dr. Joyce Bumgardner
Mr. Michael Hitz
Mr. John Isaacs
Mr. Steven Johnson
Mr. Paul Kaplan
Ms. Kathryn Kenney
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lewis
Mr. William Lobeck, Jr. and Ms. Kathryn Taylor
Dr. Bill Loughridge
Mr. Kieran D. Maye
Mr. John Meyer and Mrs. Colette Devoge Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neal
Mr. Scott Neumann and Ms. Noreen McDonald
Drs. K. Michael and Lodie Saliba
Mr. and Mrs. Kent F. Schobe
Mr. Thomas C. Stark
Sweets and Cream
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Tow
Mr. Ed Van Eman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Woltz
Mr. and Mrs. John Young

In Memory
Mary Athens
Lauren Filstrup
John C. Fischer
Annie Gebetsberger
Orpha J. Harnish
Richard Hunt
Nettie Kelley
Joseph Kestner
Richard Koenig
Sharon “Kay” McConnell
Franklin Miller
Deborah Pinkerton
Katherine “Katie” Wolfe Sherman
David Sylvan

In Honor
Rolf and Adele Blom
Sarah Coburn
Mary Erskine
Tod Neumann
Mike Sherrill