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Any Given Child Tour!

Music! Magic! Opera!

Engaging Tulsa’s kids is the focus of Tulsa Opera’s touring production of Music! Magic! Opera! as part of the Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child initiative.

This thrilling, 30-minute journey through the world of opera allows more than 4,000 second-graders in 51 Tulsa elementary schools to experience music, drama, art and dance in one onstage spectacle. Music! Magic! Opera! brings opera up close and personal in an interactive performance.

Students learn how to create an opera by singing along with performers, going onstage to assist as chorus members, dancers, quick-change artists and stagehands, and even performing as a percussive “orchestra” from their seats!

Music! Magic! Opera! teaches lessons in math, science, history, and reading that educators can use in the classroom. Each performance also includes a Q&A session with students. The 2018-19 Tulsa Opera season brings this free opera program, sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa, to our community’s second-graders.

We will announce tour dates no later than September 1, 2018.