Jeanette Turner

Jeannette Turner

A Lasting Legacy

The 2012-2013 season marks Tulsa Opera’s 65th Anniversary and is dedicated to Jeannette Turner who served as Managing Director of Tulsa Opera from 1959 until 1973. During those years, the Opera grew artistically, organizationally, and financially by leaps and bounds. Mrs. Turner became a skillful contract negotiator in the New York opera world which resulted in landmark appearances by many critically acclaimed artists including Beverly Sills, Renata Scotto, Roberta Peters, Richard Tucker, and Anna Moffo during Tulsa Opera’s early years.

Tulsa Opera was forever transformed Mrs. Turner’s vision, tenacity and dedication and her presence is still felt today. Make a contribution to the Tulsa Opera in memory of Jeannette Turner and help us carry on the work she started in 1959 to ensure Tulsa Opera is here for another 65 years.